Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kid's Fishing Derby

The annual kid's fishing derby was very popular....The kids wanted to go so after taking care of some lake business then going to donate blood, we went out in the boat. The kids wanted to catch more fish for the pond. It really wasn't the best time to fish so we drowned a few worms and quit. I went to check the cleaning station; you can see how people were doing that day by the level of guts in the bucket. There was a bullhead catfish drying out in the sun on the cutting board, and another big one in with the fishguts. They were gasping on occasion. We put some water in a bucket and dropped them in---they immediately swam around. Now Grendel has two companions in our top pond----Harold and Maude.
Ed Zyralski is the outdoors sportsman writer for the Union Tribune. He's doing a story on the derby so he used my our cabin for the weekend. The turkeys were all over, and he's really into turkeys so he just sat and enjoyed them. I'll see if I can post his write-up when it comes out.


- Rob said...

Hooray for companions for Grendel! Nice names for the new residents.

flyingvan said...

Just checked on them, and they are all doing well. After they've settled in I'll traumatize them with being netted and photographed and blogged about. Something about having fish living in our yard is really cool.