Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day at work

*************************************************************************************************************** First priority is feed everybody. We have lots of people right now at work, but we'll be back down to just 3 after tomorrow....Made a HUGE chicken potpie (8 pounds of chicken thighs!!) The new copter didn't have any sort of floor protection. The floor surface is actually a structural member so you have to be careful....We've tried rubber matting (No good--Heavy, and can't slide the victim in after a rescue) 1/8" plywood (works well but soaks up blood and gets pretty gross pretty fast) Then one day in a public restroom was looking at the plastic they put on the walls with a pebble grain....That worked great. Light, easy to clean, just slippery enough. Now to custom fit it to the new copter.....This is one of two pieces. Finally----we were ready to actually try a hoist with the new machine. The crewchief said the honor of the first hoist extraction goes to the most expendable rescue medic....I thought it was 'cuz I'm most senior but whatever. There are a few bugs to work out but it works great. Very stiff and responsive, and the hoist is MUCH faster. Tomorrow is the big media event with all the city brass. Hope everything works


Lee said...

It must be nice knowing you can all loose your bladders and not stain the copter...

Is there a big hole cut in the porta potty?

Tina said...

What did you cook the pot pie in? Looks like a cast iron skillet?

Nice lattice work on the top.

Oh - good job with the copter stuff too :)

princess slea said...

pie reminds me that i never met your "american landmarks" food challenge...hmmmm, maybe i'll revisit that one.

flyingvan said...

Potties---one guy (no longer part of the program) tried something...Next time you're having a beer in front of me I'll tell that story.
Potpies----That's an 18" cast iron skillet. The entire thing was gone by morning. 9 bodies, one of whom claims to be vegan though meat disappears around here.
American Pie---still waiting!!! I declare myself reigning champion as only contender so far.

keeka said...

chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot PIE!
I remember that from a movie, tv show? The guy is pretending to be crazy and says that all the time!
Pie looks yummy, Steve!
Copter looks cool too!

keeka said...

Ok, Carl just reminded me it was from a tv show probably none of you saw when it was on..."Just Shoot Me".