Monday, September 22, 2008


Mckenna and Patrick are staying home with a sitter. Lauren is staying with her cousins up in Costa Mesa. We leave early (4 am) for Tioga Pass Resort (elevation 9,640 feet). We're bringing the tandem bike. This is where I spent most the summer with the fires; Annamarie's never seen Yosemite so we're going. We'll bike around the valley, probably hike the mist trail, then head out to the old gold mining town of Sonora for two nights. Supposed to be good biking there too, we'll see. I've just passed through a lot, never got to really stay.
It wouldn't matter if we were spending three days in El Cajon instead, really. Time alone with Annamarie.


prestoffcenter said...

That's funny-
You live in the pines and where do you go for vacation?

More pines.

I guess the point is if you have a chance to look out the window you want to admire a new view.

- Rob said...

Maybe if he uses some pink paint to put flames on the pines where he is going it will count as a new view?

flyingvan said...

It's the same as everyone else. You drive up 5000' to be in the forest. We drove up 5000' higher than our house to be in the forst, too.