Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Small Experiment


      This is a section of the porch ceiling.  There's a cross beam, and the fiber cement material and trim that meets it.  Before painting I decided to caulk every seam.
       It looked better because even the slightest crack looks like a black line.  The real benefit now that Spring is here is, it eliminated spider habitat.  There's nowhere for them to hide

Friday, March 15, 2013

User's Guide to Totalitarianism

     If you want to set up a totalitarian government, there are some tried and true steps to take.  You can't do it without the buy-in of a good majority of the people, and you have to hope they are weak minded enough to be convinced the government provides for their needs.
     A very good start is to take over healthcare.  It's about 1/6th of the economy.  It's a great equalizer---everybody (well, excpet for you since you run the government) gets the same care regardless of ability to pay.  Unfortunately, once government takes over healthcare and it's 'free', demand skyrockets, and without revenue, people stop becoming doctors and nurses---but I digress.
     Next, belittle religion.  Tell people they are clinging to their Bibles, or religion is a crutch (just hope they are too blind to see the people with strong faiths usually aren't the ones neding a crutch, but I digress) You don't want them helping others in the name of God---those helpees might get the impression things don't always come from the benevolent government.
     It's very important totake away guns.  Once your totalitarian government is in place, and the utopian promises you had to make to get there go unfulfilled, the people WILL turn on you.  It happens every time, especially with people who have tasted freedom already.  Don't just take their guns away---build yourself great flying guns and make it clear you're willing to use these against those that fall out of line.
    Blame others as the standard of living continues to fall.  Control the media so you can keep telling people how great things are---you can always make statistics say what you need, like reporting 7.5% unemployment (U-1  Persons unemployed 15 weeks or longer, as a percent of the civilian labor force) Works much better than reporting the actual record low in labor force participation at 63.5%.
     Tell them there's plenty chocolate.  If there's not, blame George Bush or create another bogeyman that gave all the chocolate to the wealthy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


AnnaMarie said she needs a potager at her cottage.  So I said   "Sure.  I'll build one".   First step was to look up the word 'Potager'.

potager - definition of potager by the Free Online Dictionary ... - Similar
(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Horticulture) a small kitchen garden. [from French potagère vegetable garden].
   OK I even know where to put it.  The retaining wall next to the steps needs finishing anyway.

  My 90 year old neighbor came over and told me to level out the soil at the bottom (it followed the natural slope) so when she waters it stays in better.  Then I added 3 cu ft steer manure and 3 cu ft mulch.  I wanted to dig out the rich soil under the bridge anyway so that filed in the rest, and I kept mixing it in as I added.  Amended soil goes all the wal down to the level of the walkway.

The bridge didn't look very bridge-like because the soil was pretty high underneath.  After digging it down and shaping things, a layer of gravel added contrast.  I ran out of daylight but the gravel 'stream' will continue downhill all along the dripline of the porch