Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm Shedding

Here's a quick building update for the cabin's outbuilding.  It's basically a 12x12 shed with a walk-in basement which will become the laundry room, with room for an extra fridge (The cabin just has an under the counter fridge )
By digging out a sloping entrance tot he subterrainean room, it'll be easy to handle drainage.  Also---by having completely independent entrances for the shed and laundry below, interior stairs are eliminated.  They take up lots and lots of space and the slope is steep enough to allow it. 
All hand dug.  Work has been crazy busy---I've spent more hours at work than not so far this year--Mostly by choice, some by mandate.  So thankful the cottage was completed before work needed more

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Legislation Can and Can't Do

   leg·is·la·tion (l j -sl sh n). n. 1. The act or process of legislating; lawmaking. 2. A proposed or enacted law or group of laws.

     Legislation can fund a defense department.  It can build roads, it can set up rules for business and trade.

    It cannot change what marriage is.  It can pass laws seeking a public acceptance of, and to legitimize,   some relationships----but it isn't the legislature that ever formed the bond between a man and a woman.  That institution way predates any government system or current religion.

   It can protect the rights of parents.  It can protect and respect life and human dignity.

   Legislation cannot change when life begins.  It can be warped and twisted for the sake of convenience, but a unique organism is a unique organism, and if a single celled anything was found by a Mars probe, everyone would be calling it 'life'...

   Legislation cannot mandate prosperity.  It can re-distribute, but legislated re-distribution is such a counterincentive to productivity, it overall brings prosperity down.  Best to just stay out of the way.

   Legislation cannot change the weather.  It can impose carbon credits, punish corporations for being too successful, and remove a nation's competitive edge---but no amount of legislation will change the weather. 

      But they'll still try.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Laundry/Studio Project

   Here's an update of the latest project.  Our tenants at the cabin need a laundry room---when I designed and built it there was no intention for it to be a full time residence---what it lacks is ample storage, laundry, and a full sized fridge.
   Outbuildings are limited to 12' height and 120 square feet floor area.  My plan is to build the laundry underground with the entrance cut into the slope; the studio will be above.  It's built on a 4:1 slope, which I'm taking advantage of by having an upper entrance for the studio and a lower entrance for the laundry--no space wasted for interior stairs.
    It's slow going just because I've had to be at work so much.  McKenna's home from college and between summer stuff and her internship at the lake has been coming over to help dig