Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to move a driveway

It's easy.
STEP 1--build wall to support driveway.
STEP 2--add concrete to one side of driveway
STEP 3--cut away concrete on other side of driveway.

When your truck is called a 'quarter ton' truck, what are they referring to? That's 2 tons of concrete (42 90lb. sacks, plus 2 94 lb. sacks of portland cement. So I guess that's just 3,968 pounds)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Charisma an Substance

There was a high school football captain. He didn't have much charisma, really. He never talked about victory, or dominance on the field...What he did do, though, was call good plays. He saw the potential in the other players and made good use of them; others he had stay on the sidelines if they didn't really perform. The school newspaper delighted in pointing out the people he didsn't play, and his lack of charisma---the paper painted it as stupidity. No mention was made of the football program being the strongest in the school's history, now being the one to beat. He didn't really mind. He was a true leader and only cared about the well being of his team, and his school's pride. His own image mattered little to him.
Eventually he graduated and moved on. The same year, a freshman came in. He was a nice guy, one of very few dark skinned people ever to enroll in this particular school. He was very interested in football. He had never really spent any time on the field, but was on a team for awhile---he chose not to play then, so he wouldn't go into high school having made any mistakes.
The school newspaper did a huge article on him, how he was the new hope for the football program. His picture was on the cover, and they fawned over every quote. He spoke of victory. He spoke of dominance on the field. He said things could be different....A portion of the student body was convinced the past team captain was an utter failure, disregarding the record, and they insisted this young kid, even though he was junior-junior varsity, should be the new team captain immediately and make their football program see a new era. He WAS dark skinned, after all, and that was enough. No prior record needed. He gladly accepted the role of football team captain as a freshman; half the school swooned.
The other half waited for season to start.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buiding update

I think I'll post regular updates here on 'the project'. I submitted the plans I drew, even though the lot wasn't quite ready for the site inspection, so I can beat the fee increases that are coming. I have until Feb. 5th to get the driveway moved. Byron's coming Saturday to help me cut the driveway along the line of the easement. The retaining wall is done and tomorrow I'll pour the curb, weather permitting. Then I can install the septic system.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leopard sharks!!

Grab your snorkels! The leopard sharks are back at La Jolla Shores. There are THOUSANDS of them...They come here to breed this time of year. (There was an article a few years back how they were to come no more, another victim of global warming.) It's exceptionally clear out today, both the air and sea water.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy busy busy

Last shift was my 'medic rotation', and we got slammed....My partner for the day is full time on the ambulance and said it was crazy busy....I was looking forward to getting back to my own station. As soon as I got off work it was home to help Annamarie set up for the Epiphany party, and the late night clean-up...So I showed up today, and we had to go do some cycles on the hoist to work out some bugs.....
We settled in for football but got a call to Cowles mountain to hoist a head injury victim off the trail. In the middle of that rescue someone fell off the cliffs at Torrey Pines Beach. Then it was off to Ramona for a girl thrown from a horse. I'm turning in early....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to school

I was recently teasing my oldest daughter that I NEVER have to go to school again....Just got word, though, that I was accepted into 'Helibase Manager' school in Montana. It's just a week long, if I get through it I have people that will help get me into training spots. I'd be in charge of selecting locations for helibases, getting it all set up, managing the managers. It's really a stepping stone for the position I really want, Air Support. This is something I can continue to do after retirement which would be cool---extra income, plus Annamarie would get a break. However school is school and my mind WILL wander. Better learn all I can before going