Saturday, February 28, 2009

All the answers (to the prior post)

1) 3. Judicial, Executive, Legislative.

2) Trick question---Hamilton was never president. As RBG will tell, he was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

3) Article 4 section IV: "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government"

4) (The first 10 amendments are also known as "The Bill Of Rights", and was needed to get the Constitution ratified by the 13 states) Amendment 10---"The powers NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people"

5) C

6) None. Nowhere.

7) False

8) Executive, but don't feel bad if you said Legislative. The VP is President of the Senate, which is part of the Legislature, and has a vote in the event of a tie.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pop quiz for voters

All the people that fought for voter's rights over the years miscalculated, or were niave, about the people's ability to self govern. Mind you, voter's rights for minorities and women are absolutely a good thing. Lack of knowledge about our system as set up by the founding fathers is not isolated to any group.
Next time people go to vote, they should have to pass a quiz on basic principals of the rules that govern them. Here's my version:

1) How many branches of Government are there?

2) What number president was Alexander Hamilton?

3) Does the Consitution guarantee a Democratic (majority rule) or Republican (checks and balances to avoid the tyrrany of the majority) form of government?

4) True or False---The Constitution forbids the President and Congress from exerting power over things not specifically provided for in the Constitution, giving that authority to the states.

5) Which right is protected by the Constitution: A) Education B) Healthcare C) Protection from seizure of property

6) What document guarantees seperation of Church and State?

7) True or False--The President is responsible for writing Federal Laws

8) To what branch of Government does the Vice President belong?

I'd change the quiz every election cycle. The purpose is not to disenfranchise anybody. The purpose is to assure people take the responsibility towards civic duty seriously, and vote what's best for the nation, along the lines the founding fathers intended...Not just what's best for an interest group

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You're welcome!

Had my tax appointment before work today. Perry held over so I could go. Between California and Federal taxes, I paid enough this year to pay cash for the Subaru Impreza as pictured. When I think of how much of my money goes to 'programs' I'm fundamentally opposed to, to say it's frustrating is an understatement. Here's where I do, and don't, want my money to go:

1) Education. That means people teaching people. Not feeding them, counselling them, handing them condoms, or raising them before or after school. I'm OK for some going to the sports/music programs too.

2) Defense. Keeping us safe both externally by fighting bad people in their own country, and locally.

3) Infrastructure that directly supports commerce. Roads, utilities, and so on.

1) Personal health insurance. If you want to have a public hospital for un/under insured, with good medicine and bare bones everything else, I'm OK with that. The idea that health insurance is a right is....wrong.

2) Bailouts. Whether it's someone who bought a house they couldn't afford, or a company that hired CEO's it couldn't afford, or unions that killed their industry---let them go. You're throwing money down a hole. Let the market figure it out.

3) Tax returns for people who didn't pay taxes. This is insane. You are using MY money to promote non-production. At some pint I'll do better to quit working and live off the public, too.

If you see the world through the eyes of 'sustainability', do you really think the Obamanomics are sustainable? Why would anybody start a business? He said he doesn't want to hear the tired old arguements---that's probably why he stacked his press core and calls on the ones coached with questions (Where's HIS Helen Thomas??) Thing is, those 'old arguements' have proven true over and over again.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Danger Boy!

The first of three snowstorms scheduled to come this way hit....I had to leave the car by the highway and walk home. The next few days were spent digging snow out, keeping the fire going for heat with the inevitable power failure the snow brings....
Patrick had to try sledding anywhere he could get to. This was the sled run off the front porch. Not recommended for summertime activity.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Assets Become Liabilities

I sorta whined awhile back about getting hit with a bunch of stuff the same day. I've been trying to get some things done at work, meet a hard deadline at the new lot, give each of the kids individual attention, take the load off Annamarie now and again....It's all the effort it takes to maintain blessings.
One of those blessings is the beach house. Annamarie fell in love with it when she very first saw it. It's tiny,on a little hill, and right next to a protected ocean wetland habitat. There was a big coral bean tree on the lot that gave up the ghost and fell on the neighbor's house.
So, I had to backburner everything else and spend a day cutting it up and rolling the rounds down the slope. The base was 22" thick and its REALLY hard wood. The neighbor was really cool and I hadn't met her before. She asked if she could have the logs after I cut the tree up, and she'd take care of all the branches. I met all the neighbors that day and they are a cool bunch.
Right now we're renting it to a very good tenant (The house, not the tree. The tree is no longer habitable) If any of the kids go to college in the area, they'll move in. When I retire in 14 years or so, we plan to bounce between the mountains and the beach house.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tattoo rant

A friend posted asking for suggestions on a tattoo. She wanted something that captured her personality. It opened up a good discussion in our house, and I'll share some of the points made.
First off, it isn't really 'self expression' unless you did the tattoo yourself. You are someone else's billboard.
It really doesn't matter what the tattoo is. From more than a few feet away, it's just a blotch. You just lumped yourself in with all the other tattooed people.
Having NO tattoo will say a lot more about you that's positive. You wanna rebel? Join the crowd. Someday you are going to be in tight competition for a real job. If you are fairly evenly matched with someone else, most interviewers will higher the un-inked. They portray a better image for the vast majority of professions.
A huge growth industry now id tattoo removal. If you are like most people, you will regret it and learn to hate it.
What were you into when you were 12? Say you had a 'Hello Kitty' sweater you loved and wanted to wear every day. Now you are 23 and stuck still wearing that Hello Kitty sweater. The image you might want to portray today is going to change.
Getting a tattoo might bump up your current social standing right now, with the people you are around right now, but then you stick yourself in that standing. It goes from "Wow! you got a tattoo!" to, "Wow! you did some stupid stuff in your youth" (I did some stupid stuff too but I don't wear it and it's easier to hide)