Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Assets Become Liabilities

I sorta whined awhile back about getting hit with a bunch of stuff the same day. I've been trying to get some things done at work, meet a hard deadline at the new lot, give each of the kids individual attention, take the load off Annamarie now and again....It's all the effort it takes to maintain blessings.
One of those blessings is the beach house. Annamarie fell in love with it when she very first saw it. It's tiny,on a little hill, and right next to a protected ocean wetland habitat. There was a big coral bean tree on the lot that gave up the ghost and fell on the neighbor's house.
So, I had to backburner everything else and spend a day cutting it up and rolling the rounds down the slope. The base was 22" thick and its REALLY hard wood. The neighbor was really cool and I hadn't met her before. She asked if she could have the logs after I cut the tree up, and she'd take care of all the branches. I met all the neighbors that day and they are a cool bunch.
Right now we're renting it to a very good tenant (The house, not the tree. The tree is no longer habitable) If any of the kids go to college in the area, they'll move in. When I retire in 14 years or so, we plan to bounce between the mountains and the beach house.


Lee said...

Asshats become liablilties too. Sounds like your neighbors are good people.

flyingvan said...

I disagree----I think asshats simply ARE liabilities. Biggest challenge is they are usually lonely since they don't get along with other asshats. Rule #2 is no one should be lonely.