Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pop quiz for voters

All the people that fought for voter's rights over the years miscalculated, or were niave, about the people's ability to self govern. Mind you, voter's rights for minorities and women are absolutely a good thing. Lack of knowledge about our system as set up by the founding fathers is not isolated to any group.
Next time people go to vote, they should have to pass a quiz on basic principals of the rules that govern them. Here's my version:

1) How many branches of Government are there?

2) What number president was Alexander Hamilton?

3) Does the Consitution guarantee a Democratic (majority rule) or Republican (checks and balances to avoid the tyrrany of the majority) form of government?

4) True or False---The Constitution forbids the President and Congress from exerting power over things not specifically provided for in the Constitution, giving that authority to the states.

5) Which right is protected by the Constitution: A) Education B) Healthcare C) Protection from seizure of property

6) What document guarantees seperation of Church and State?

7) True or False--The President is responsible for writing Federal Laws

8) To what branch of Government does the Vice President belong?

I'd change the quiz every election cycle. The purpose is not to disenfranchise anybody. The purpose is to assure people take the responsibility towards civic duty seriously, and vote what's best for the nation, along the lines the founding fathers intended...Not just what's best for an interest group


- Rob said...

I like the idea! I would change question 2 to see if they know what job Alexander Hamilton had. I wonder how many people even know him despite the fact that he is on our money?

Of course this would never fly. There are too many Americans that can't answer these questions and therefore would work to stop this. Ironically, it is the immigrants to this country that would tend to score best on this type of quiz. They have to work for their citizenship!

Lee said...

gonna steal this for Facebook. Um, I mean, I researched this on your blog...

Re-Navy!! said...

i wouldnt pass which sucks....

Lee said...

Smart Ass answers.

1. Seeing as how there are over 39 forms of government, this cannot be accurately answered as asked.

2. Trick question, he was the first vice president of the confederacy (you dropped his last name Stephens)

3. Which constitution for which country are you referring too?

4. See answer 3.

5. See answer 3.

6. The Blaine Amendment is one of many documents.

7. Which President? too vague.

8. again, which vice president of what country?

flyingvan said...

'K fine. I guess I thought the words 'Nation' and 'Founding Fathers' would be enough to set the confines of the questions asked. Apply said quiz to the Nation that is The United States of America, and the U.S. Constitution. Blaine document is at the state level, where it belongs. (I think 80% of the states adopted it, but it still is NOT federal law) Finally, ANY vice president of the U.S.A..