Saturday, January 4, 2014

Warmest Spot In The Nation

      Patrick's mountain bike team has paired up with some riders from Brawley.  They come up and ride in our mountains in the summer when it's too hot.  Now that it's winter, it's nice to drive an hour down the hill to where it's 45 degrees warmer.  You pay for it by riding in loose sand.
     I'm a little sore today.  We rode 15 miles through these little washes.   Patrick is more sore after failing to properly negotiate a 36" drop....He's got an awesome tire impact scar across his face.  Years of gymnastics training paid off, he rolled through the crash pretty gracefully.  Of course I made him go back and do it successfully as soon as he shook it off.

We rode up to this old concrete bunker that used to be a radar mount.  This is where the Blue Angels do their training, and it's an active bombing range just to the south.  Pretty fun day.

Most of the nation is in a cold snap right now.  It's 78 degrees here today.  The mountain in the background is La Cienega in Mexico.