Monday, February 2, 2009

Tattoo rant

A friend posted asking for suggestions on a tattoo. She wanted something that captured her personality. It opened up a good discussion in our house, and I'll share some of the points made.
First off, it isn't really 'self expression' unless you did the tattoo yourself. You are someone else's billboard.
It really doesn't matter what the tattoo is. From more than a few feet away, it's just a blotch. You just lumped yourself in with all the other tattooed people.
Having NO tattoo will say a lot more about you that's positive. You wanna rebel? Join the crowd. Someday you are going to be in tight competition for a real job. If you are fairly evenly matched with someone else, most interviewers will higher the un-inked. They portray a better image for the vast majority of professions.
A huge growth industry now id tattoo removal. If you are like most people, you will regret it and learn to hate it.
What were you into when you were 12? Say you had a 'Hello Kitty' sweater you loved and wanted to wear every day. Now you are 23 and stuck still wearing that Hello Kitty sweater. The image you might want to portray today is going to change.
Getting a tattoo might bump up your current social standing right now, with the people you are around right now, but then you stick yourself in that standing. It goes from "Wow! you got a tattoo!" to, "Wow! you did some stupid stuff in your youth" (I did some stupid stuff too but I don't wear it and it's easier to hide)


Lee said...

Out of curiosity. Did any of your kids have a differing opinion?

Lee said...

As I wrote that I thought of this.

My Dad during WWII was in the Navy. Talk about prime candidate for a tattoo. However, he has always been an observer and a learner. As such he found that most of the guys were drunk when they got the tattoo. You never hear about people doing great, things or having great idea's when under the influence of an adult beverage right?

flyingvan said...

Most of those WERE my kids' (albeit influenced) opinions.....You need to sit in when Mike/Byron/Myself have an adult beverage and start drawing stuff on napkins.