Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to move a driveway

It's easy.
STEP 1--build wall to support driveway.
STEP 2--add concrete to one side of driveway
STEP 3--cut away concrete on other side of driveway.

When your truck is called a 'quarter ton' truck, what are they referring to? That's 2 tons of concrete (42 90lb. sacks, plus 2 94 lb. sacks of portland cement. So I guess that's just 3,968 pounds)


Lee said...

did you have to relocate your driveway?

flyingvan said...

Yeah, to satisfy a county requirement for 100% reserve area for the leach field. This is area that will NEVER be used for leach field, mind you, but without it, I can't get a building permit.