Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our trip so far

After spending most the summer in this part of the state, I felt I had to bring Annamarie here. She's only passed through this part of the state so far. We stayed the first night in a log cabin built in 1915 at Tioga Pass Resort. It was 29 degrees in the morning then it got into the 90's in the valley. We drove down to the valley floor, unloaded the bike, and rode all over the place, including the trailhead for the mist trail up Vernal Falls. Now we're in Sonora for two nights. Annamarie couldn't get over the sheer size of everything, and it brought back quite a few memories for me from coming here as a kid. There was a bear in the store. it didn't want to sell me anything, just give me an ursine blessing of some kind. Not sure the result but I'm craving berries for some reason...I must say---Yosemite looks pretty darned pristine, when you consider the millions that come through here. We drove for hours through thick forest too.


The Anonymous Fire Buff said...

That's probably my favorite part of the state - always a welcome relief from the hustle-bustle of SoCal. Great stargazing up there, too. I was fortunate enough to have been there during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower in late July.

Lee said...

Ursine blessing translates into "May you feed my young"

Your, um, not camping in tents right?

flyingvan said...

Annamarie looked at the picture and thought the caption should read, "Have you thought about Avacor?"