Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 flyover

We met up with Copter 1 and did a fly-over for a 911 memorial. We flew orbits over southbay until our ground contact called us in. Low, fast, and loud. Beautiful day for it.
This country is worth the money and sacrifice to protect. Nobody WANTS war, nobody likes the idea of spending billions on defense--from the TSA shoe checkers to the special force guys. It's just niave to think you can negotiate your way out of everything. Where was our opportunity for negotiating on 9/10?
Thanks to all who earn money and produce, to support the protectors. Thanks, George Bush, for keeping us safe to the point some could even deny there was even a threat to start with. Thanks, especially, to the families of those lost on 911 and the following war on terror.


- Rob said...

I'm a bit confused (wish I had a dollar for everytime I needed to say that!). Anyway, you said that you met up with Copter 1. That seems to imply that you were flying in Copter 2? I thought that C-2 went down to Brown Field and that you stayed with C-1 at Montgomery? The last blog entry before this one (the rescue) looked like a 2 bladed helicopter - not that I am an expert at that.

Oh yeah, regarding the earlier reference to being someone that has gotten a ride in Copter 1, I can confirm that my flight was flat and simple (and yet an awesome ride nevertheless!).

flyingvan said...

I was aboard Copter 2, hence a good photo op of Copter 1. WE flew in tandem over ht Midway for 9/11. For now, Copter 2 is at Montgomery Field with the saltier crew so we can work the bugs out and get some procedural issues worked out. Most days, both copters sit at Montgomery then Copter 1 heads to Brown for the night. As the Jehovah's Witnesses are fond of saying, 'That's the current truth'