Thursday, September 25, 2008

A first timer's view

Annamarie was in constant awe----she felt like she couldn't find the right words. Riding around the valley floor on the tandem bike was perfect, because she could take it all in. (Don't worry. I was steering. And pedalling) Just when it seemed like she was just looking at a beautiful mural we climbed the mist trail, which gives you a touch of how big and steep it all is. We were starting to get shaky legs from the steep steps built by the conservation corps people, and it felt much further than 1.3 miles to the top---but imagine a 1.3 mile steep staircase. Or, imagine climbing the stairs of a 200 story building. Then, the drive to Sonora through the Stanislaus forest made her question the whole deforestation rhetoric. It far exceeded her expectations, and we should have stayed longer. She's not much for tents so I have to save up for the Ahwahnee, I guess.


princess slea said...

looks very beautiful. not much scenery around here but biking would be easy with the flat terrain!

flyingvan said...

Yeah it isn't very flat...But, riding the hills burns off some of the travel food

Tina said...

Way cool. So nice you guys have the opportunity to do that together.

I married the guy who only wants to camp in an RV with wifi & satellite TV.

Same guy who camped with you & Shoo & Robert.

What exactly did you all do to him to make him hate tent camping so?

- Rob said...

Tina - sorry, but what happens at Boy Scout camp stays at Boy Scout camp.

flyingvan said...

Uh, don't tell her about the carrots