Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy week

There's this Department of Homeland Security focus group thing. We give input as to where DHS dollars would be best spent for new technologies for the response community; usually the meetings are back east somewhere. This time, though, we hosted in San Diego. I ran a tour of our dispatch center, and of the helicopter station. A few of the User's Working Group got to go for a night flight to see the night vision technology, mapping data, infrared, microwave downlink, etc. The meeting the next day was somewhat productive....
The UWG Chair is from a state's legislature. We put ihim up in the cabin, and he appreciated the quiet time. We had time for a hike up Cuyamaca Peak which was cool because once at the top, it was a sea of clouds on the coastal side over San Diego.
After the hike I had just enough time to clean up, dust off my 'Class A' uniform and take Annamarie to the retirement ball. It's really fun----they put a slideshow together for each retiree. A 5 minute summary of their entire life, complete with music that captures them. The same guy has been putting these together for years. When you see some of the absolutely incredible lives these people have lived it makes you proud to be part of the same department. They are the ones that make the badge meaningful.
Annamarie has a medical condition that ties her corneal reflex to the shutters of cameras. If the shutter opens, her eyes close.

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