Friday, October 17, 2008

Not looking good for the Conservatives

Bad move to run a centrist against a far left guy.... Still, McCain is far ahead of what I expected, after the media and others painted Bush as both an idiot and a diabolical terrorist. If Obama wins, I won't leave the country--but my money might.

If I could talk to Obama, Here's what I'd tell him.

1) What's good for Wall Street IS what's good for Main Street.

2) If we hadn't gone into Iraq, they'd be much further ahead with a nuclear warfare program than Iran is now.

3) Your tax plan is punitive against some damn hard working Americans. Not only do entitlements discourage people from living to their full potential, but creating a financial ceiling discourages the American entrepreneurial spirit that drives productivity.

4) The GDP doesn't come from the government.

5) Families are the most important thing of all


Lee said...

AP's latest poll if you go through the PDF you'll find "If the 2008 general election for president were being held today, and these were the candidates, who would you vote for?" Obama 44, McCain 42. On Page 6.

keeka said...

With all of us praying for the right guy to get in, I am hoping that those that are praying hard will also make it into the voting booths! Our area is swarming with conservatives, so as long as we all vote, we may get the job done!
I am amazed at how many "Yes on 8" signs I have seen in our area! Hurray!

keeka said...

and yes, I know, Orange County and our small city are not going to make that big of a difference, but one can only hope those living here will spread the word to family and friends all over the nation! It disgusts me when I hear all the Bush bashing!

The Happy Cynic said...

So, you think Bush has done a good job, and doesn't deserve the criticism?

flyingvan said...

I think criticism comes with the territory. I think he's very unfairly trashed by the media, and I think the left is pretty open about their hatred and vitriol.... Personally I'd give him a B+. He defended out allies. He disorganized Al Queda and Taliban so there was no central authority. He presided over the strongest economy the world has ever seen----if you are going to blame him for the downturn, you have to give him credit for the good, too. He has been very respectful of the democrats and the prior administration, restoring some dignity to the office. There have been no further domestic attacks since 9/11. Yet, he's been blamed for 9/11 as an inside job; he's been accused of destroying liberty (through the patriot act) basically can't make a move without liberals and media ripping him to shreds. I think he failed on border security and didn't push hard enough to get his various nominees through---filibustering nominees? B.S.....He should have stood up to that nonsense. All in all he's done a good job. People are too blinded by irrational hatred to see it though

Lee said...

I would add to that a failure to address spending and a lack of defending his administration. Tony Snow did a good job but that was too little too late.

princess slea said...

really, i get so sick of people saying how we would be so much better off if we had not gone to war and look at all the money we spent that would be in our pockets, etc.
i always respond that i didn't know they had a magical device to allow them to view alternate realities. it's really easy to assume things would be so much better if we had not gone to war but things could just as easily be a lot worse (like more attacks, etc.) AND, I was not for the war and certainly do wish we had not gone to war but I would not assume to KNOW that things would be so much better.

and how the hell do rational people not realize that raising taxes on businesses is not a good thing because they simply raise the prices on whatever it is they produce to force US aka "Main Street" to cover their tax increases?

I don't fall anywhere near the $250K range but I still do not think people who are in that range should be forced to give their hard earned money to support people who sit on their asses all day playing video games and leaving their toddlers in dirty diapers stuck in their high chairs. ARgh.

Chimp Jones said...

Slea: better off is moot but we can say with a degree of certainty that 4000 plus American servicemen and women would not be dead. Bush deserves criticism at the very least from Conservatives with whom he totally broke trust being a big govt and spendthrift chief executive. From the country at large for putting our armed forces at risk based on a false premise. From the scientific community for stifling science based on ill informed faith (stem cell research). The list goes on. A president doesn't aquire an approval rating that low because he's doing a good job. It's not Bush bashing to state that it's just opinion. I suppose we could demand that nobody criticize incumbent presidents (curiously when I first came to the US I was told by someone that I better not be one of those "furn guys who come over here and criticize our president". Dissent is an important part of being in this country.It's in fact one of the fundamentals of the place. Here I'll say it. Bush has been an appalling president. Regan was far better and I am by no means a fan of his. Yes we COULD say that we ought not say anything bad about a president but where would that leave us?

Sorry.. rambling again