Saturday, October 25, 2008

The project starts

Officially started the big project yesterday, 10/23/2008. I'm building a house from the ground up across the street from our house. It will be my second time doing this.
Our long term financial plan has always been to end up with 4 houses--- one for Annamarie and me, and one for each kid to get their foot in the door...They are rentals in the erstwhile. Every property we've ever purchased was distressed in one way or another (only way we could afford them) and this was no exception. It was a probate sale. Cash for the lot, and cash for materials/permits, do all the work ourselves. I know, I know----the housing market is down. I'm still sticking with the plan. I'm hoping to one day be accused of being wealthy. What folks don't see after the fact is the hard work, heart ache, time away from family, and bodily wear and tear it takes to end up with a home, free and clear.
So back to the project. I have the septic permit, which was a huge step. Before I install it I have to move the driveway. In the process, I'm making parking for my neighbor so they can park on the uphill side of their house. If I make the concrete myself (sand, gravel, cement, water) it's $53 a yard. If it's delivered, it's in the hundreds.
That's the theme for these projects. If it's less expensive and better quality, but lots more work, do it that way. That's where you make the profit---sweat equity. (OK so it's lots of fun, too)
This blog's probably going to morph from copters and politics to frequent construction updates. And copters and politics.

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princess slea said...

impressive. my brother is a contractor and i always think i should go work with him one summer and learn some building skills. i'd love to make cool furniture but i have a fear of power tools.