Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Television adds 10 pounds; Computers make you fat

While in Yosemite, I was hiking a little and got winded. That bothered me. Sure, it was 10,000 feet up, but it's just walking!!! New rule for me---always spend more time doing aerobic activity than sitting in front of tv/computer/video game. You can blame the current obesity epidemic on convenience food if you want, or latch key kids, or school lunch programs. You can compare the frozen dessert section or the frozen pizza section to the frozen vegetable aisle and see how little space the veggies get. I really think the biggest culprit is getting entertainment, enrichment, competition, everything else all from sitting in front of a computer.


Lee said...
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Lee said...

kinda confusing start there. sorry was in a hurry.

Tina said...

Well MY computer makes me thin!

You can do this too - put your computer desk up on cinder blocks, park an exercise bike under it instead of a computer chair (my preference is a Schwinn Aire-dyne) and pedal away while your online character goes on quests!


flyingvan said...

Hmm...OK, move it outside and I'm sold!

princess slea said...

wellll, i just cant give up Project Runway and Top Chef. My personal trainer has given me "homework" to do jumping jacks for the duration of every commercial that comes on while i'm watching television.
that is my trade off.

we are usually outside for a couple of hours every afternoon right after school [rollerblading, riding bikes, just generally acting crazy (the kids, not me)].

prestoffcenter said...

We may be a fatter society, but we are smarter!

Well... APPEAR to be smarter anyway with all of this available info at our fingertips.

Man- I must be really smart with all if this extra weight I've been taking on in the last 20.