Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Helicopter/Helibase crew

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Took this photo last night after the debrief. What a crew. They handled the shuttling of equipment and cargo into the backcountry at a breakneck pace, setting up three remote fire camps in the High Sierras---all while doing bucket work for water drops. No one complained about the 5:00 am briefing or 9:30 pm debrief, every day, for two weeks. Safety was a priority. We're slowly narrowing it down to a skeleton crew to haul everything back out again.


- Rob said...

The flagpole looks great. The crew all look happy. Sounds like a job well done.

You hear it a lot, but thanks for being out there doing a tough job!

flyingvan said...

Best job in the world. One more post about spending the night alone in the highest sierras keeping bears away---but for now I'm going to shave off my beard (Annamarie hates it) and sleep in a real bed. By the way--the fire crews we flew in that stayed a week or more at 'spike camps' did the real work. We just supported their efforts.