Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to my day job

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This morning was rare for me---I didn't want to go to work. Training new people, getting caught up with my Battalion Medical Officer duties, all the stuff that piled up while I was gone, and a rather ominous issue.....Showed up in trudge mode just wanting to get tasks over with.
This girl, sometime during the night, drove her car aff a steep cliff and got banged up pretty bad. Someone at the Torrey Pines reserve heard it happen but no one spotted anything until daylight. Her car is in the ravine to the right, bent in half. She somehow got to the top of that slough you see to the left of the dead tree; there's a State Lifeguard with her. It was a good response---it would have been very, very difficult to get her out from the ground---you'd have to set up a system to lower her down to a spot then another system to get her up to the road, and she certainly needed to get to a trauma center quickly.
The Lifeguard, who happened to be an RN, and the two firefighters that rappelled down then scrambled up helped get her all packaged up right there on the cliff face. From the time Bobby got the rescue hook to me until we were at the hospital was about 4 minutes.
Good to be back. That was hoist rescue #50. When I get to 100, I'm leaving.

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