Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic-con San Diego

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have never been. Many of the folks that work for San Diego Fire moonlight as security for the hotel attached to the convention center, including someone on our crew.
He said the entire thing was a freakshow. The best story he had was at the hotel bar----Chewbacca got into a near-brawl with this.....thing. It had on a purple band coat with huge epaulets and gold buttons, a kilt, wolf legs and a wolf's head. Ring a bell for anyone? He was holding two scimitars too. Anyway, it was about to come to blows, when (I kid you not. This is the way the story was told, anyway) Wonderwoman stepped in.
The amazing thing was throughout the whole ordeal, everyone stayed in character. I can see that---Chewbacca wanting to rip an arm off. Wonderwoman playing the peacemaker. The wolf/Sgt. Pepper/samurai thing doing whatever it is it does in a bar fight........


princess slea said...

hilarious. i actually would love to attend comic-con some day. i know i wouldn't be brave enough to dress up but to see something like the altercation you just described would be great.

flyingvan said...

Well, if you DO come, you have a place to stay....Actually we're an hour drive away but it's a nice drive

Lee said...

Being a veteran of many a SD comic-con, they were a hoot and a much smaller venue back in the day.

Someone like myself who delved deeply into the comic pool, being able to talk too and mingle with knowledge peers was very, very nice.

Someone who knew Neal Adams from Marshal Rogers, that Byrne and Austin made the best combo, Milgrom and Plooge etc. (I sense your eyes glossing over as I write)