Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today's workpill

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We sort of alternated between doing water drops and troop shuttle stuff, flying fire crews into the spike camp. After that we did a whole bunch of slingloads of food/toilet paper/chain saw fuel, that sort of thing. Bears are a real problem. They've learned helicopters come with food so they run towards them. We started putting food in these bolt rim barrels.
We are doing well enough to release some resources. My task now is to put together my best people into an 'initial attack crew' and we'll be paored with a copter to handle new starts in the area. All part of the standard winding-down process.
There are lots of good pictures but internet access is rare. Thanks much for the comments---these are long busy days with few pleasantries (Showers, etc)

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Tina said...

Nice to hear you're still doing okay - bears & all. We've had some hazy days up here in Oregon due to the CA fires, but Carolyn & Carl were able to drive thru without problems (tho they couldn't see Mt. Shasta from the I-5).

Stay safe!!