Monday, July 14, 2008

Putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So what I'm doing now is drafting water out of Whiskeytown Lake, using a National Guard blackhawk. Then we fly over the fire. Air Tactics gives me the general area then I select a target and do a count down, then the water is released from the bucket. This is a 660 gallon bucket. This is the fun part. I have to find hotel space, food, track billing stuff, log flight use stuff, do paperwork. Lots of paperwork. I suspect they make lots of paperwork just to cut down more trees and thin the forest, making firefighting easier. Oh by the way---ther are lots and lots of trees out there.

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Tina said...

Yeah - we keep trying to get tree huggers to understand thinning trees is a good thing. If you 'save the forest' and never cut, it WILL catch with a lightning strike, and then the whole dang thing is gone.

I know, just cause I'm a vegetarian, doesn't mean I'm a tree hugger. And I won't throw neon pink on your fur coat either :P