Monday, July 14, 2008

Byron's flames

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Helibase manager) "OK we're getting a CH-47 here today from National Guard. Get it inspected and ready to fly, then shuttle the convict crews to the slike camps. Maybe 32 at a time."
Ummm.....OK. I'm trained for this, just never done it. "Hi I'm Steve. I love your helicopter, very manly death machine. I know you just got back from Afghanistan and all, but now we're going to paint your helicopter. Neon. Pink. And, Byron wants flames on it. Byron's the FBH. (They pretend to know what FBH is. No one asks so I don't say it's "Friend Back Home")
So we shuttle all these troops up in a huge Chinook painted with flames.... I'll get a better pic tomorrow


monkeybrigade said...

When you're out picking up water do you ever think you'll re-enact that urban legend of the scuba diver who gets picked up in one of those buckets and dropped onto the fire? I think that was on CSI once.

I know you may not think it, but that looks like a lot of fun to me. Do you ever hang your head out the side of the copter and let out a cowboy "Whoop!"?

flyingvan said...

Not much scuba diving in these High Sierra lakes for one thing. I've climbed inside the buckets on the ground to fix stuff, and it's really hard to get around the cables and bars. If you could get in in the few seconds the bucket fills, you'd be stuck in the bucket because you'd never fit out the dump valve in the bottom. I'll try to get a sequence of pics.
Actually, I do hang my head out the side during every drop. We don't 'Whoop' much around here, but if we miss the drop I'll growl a bit. When we hit the fire dead nuts on, I'll say something like "We hit the fire dead nuts on"

jlvandewalle said...

Hey Steve!, Jim here enjoy seeing your ND buddies w/hot pink on the eggbeaters. Nice to know their gender identity bis firmly in place and not intimidated by societal color norms. Assuming they aren't. Given my own reaction there is probably some ribbing that goes on. If you want to come through Chico ( I could come up and get you ) Mom's out of town so you could have a quiet night in FR. My most accessible E-Mail is

prestoffcenter said...

See- there ya go! I got the advanced preview of the flame job and NOW we got ID! Nice job. Id love to be able to monitor some of the radio comms.

Never underestimate the power of pink. I race on a pink boat and they used to snicker when we would show up for a start. Now they fear us.

I should now add FBH to my card.