Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy days

On the same day President Bush surveyed the fire, we had some water dropping missions deep in a canyon. At the same time the Martin Mars Superscooper was dropping water on a ridge, so we had to be really heads up on the flight space issues. Early the next day Byron's pink flamed helicopter got sent to Chico. I got sent to Mather base in Sacramento and tied in with another firehawk, then we got sent to Santa Clara, then diverted to Chico. I was hoping to meet up with Jim and see if I could arrange a flight; then we got sent back to Mather for initial attack responsibilities. If there aren't any new starts by Monday morning it'll be off to Los Alamitos for me to rehab the blackhawks and firehawks, then I get to go back home. Yay!


jim said...

Hey steve, sorry I missed you in Chico. I saw some blackhawks fly over the last few days, and have listened for the Chinooks ( never forget that sound ). Fly safe and get home soon.

flyingvan said...

Now I'm in a Blackhawk with the numbers "044" on the tail in giant pink letters. We'll be flying over Chico tomorrow unless the plan changes. The plan usually changes.