Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't run away, we are your friends

I rarely, rarely watch movies. Annamarie and I have seen three movies in theaters since we were married--Titanic, Shakespeare in Love, Something About Mary, oh and Forrest Gump. I guess we've seen four, my bad. When I see a movie at work (rare) or hotel (more rare) I always think who I'd like to watch that particular movie with.
Being John Malkovitch---My brother Jim. Defending Your Life---My Mom. Miss Firecracker and Doc Hollywood---Annamarie.
The best one by far and my biggest movie viewing regret---not watching "Mars Attacks!" with Lee. I imagined driving home pointing at stuff saying nothing but ack ACK! ACK! ack.

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flyingvan said...

Oh and "Life As A House" with Byron