Saturday, July 12, 2008

The new assignment

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's my new copter. It's a National Guard machine from North Dakota. My seat is on the other side. These guys are excellent pilots, with NO fire experience. The Military Helicopter Manager's job is to direct the water drops on the fire and decipher the firefighting orders. You get to fly alot, and lean waaaay out the left side. It's pretty tiring. The President will be here in a week so all firefighting will stop.....Grr. Two days with Annamarie and the kids wasn't enough, but it was something at least. Hopefully the overtime checks come before she just changes the locks....
In the Yosemite fire I was living in a tent for two weeks. This fire I'm at the Red Lion Inn with my own California King bed. My tent would fit on this bed.


princess slea said...

hot pink and a blackhawk, two things that i didn't think would really go together but it works.

hope you get to spend more time at home soon.

flyingvan said...

Maybe we could hire you as a color consultant. You just have to take big copters painted to blend in to their surroundings, and quickly paint them to stand out in the smoke. Right now the three color options are neon orange, neon green, or neon pink. We use crayola washable paint because it comes right off, snd we can get it at any Target.

prestoffcenter said...

Will they let you paint anything else?

Perhaps big teeth on the front, or flames are a bit overdone and a smiley face would be a bit ummm... gay?

Maybe what you need is a cloud shooting a lightning bolt(rather symbolic of what you are trying to do), a roadrunner(meep-meep), or a pirana with big teeth.

I'll leave it up to you.

flyingvan said...

OK Byron. You asked for it.