Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What the...??

My pragmatic approach to life, God, family, love, food, etc. has served me well in life. There's one thing that happened recently that I've both pushed aside and been open about. Not sure what to make of the whole thing, really. Draw your own conclusion. This really happened to the wrong person.
A few times a year I get sent to these Dept. of Homeland Security focus group things. Annamarie comes with me if we can get someone to watch the offspring. A few months ago we went to Eastern Kentucky University for one. A.M. came along....
I love to travel but the logistics do get me uptight, I'll admit. Our flight left Lindberg Field at 6 A.M....We got there early, got through security and to our terminal. A.M. needed a potty stop so we went to the restrooms along the corridor.
As usual I got out way first and waited. The corridor was empty, except this couple walking towards me carrying their luggage. He was tall, thinning black hair, maybe 50. Thin. The woman with him was at least a foot shorter with dyed red hair, wearing white pants and one of those jackets that are squares of fabric sewn together like a quilt. She was laying in to him about how he thought he was sooo much better than everyone else, how superior he thought he was, and why did he have to always act like that? He didn't react---just kept walking forward. It was the kind of thing you wouldn't say with anyone else in earshot. They walked right past me, and I wanted to see if he'd reply so after they passed I waited just long enough so as not to be obvious, then turned to look at them.
They were gone.
The hallway was too long for them to go anywhere. I only waited a second or two. There were people way down at the end, and at the other end, but they just were gone.
A.M. came out of the restroom and asked, "What's wrong with you?" Mind you, I was in rush travel mode, in an airport, early morning. This sort of thing was furthest from my mind. I told her what happened, and she said, 'Let's go down the hallway and look for them' which we did.
There was nowhere they could have gone in the time it took me to turn. We saw nothing.


Lee said...

Obviously your insane and cannot keep track of time mentally.

flyingvan said...

I considered that. The problem is, it was a really long hallway and A.M. doesn't take THAT long. However, I'll admit we started our day very early and had easily twice the caffeine intake as normal. As far as being insane, few that are can realize their own insanity so I can comfortably deny that accusation.

Tina said...

Or they were angels... or not.

Had you considered that?