Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Parent/Teacher night

I had to miss parent/teacher night, so I got clearence for Mckenna and Lauren's teachers to come to my work for an evening. We used them as victims for hoist practice. We're about 200' up just exiting the copter, then the second picture is hooking Scott Copeland up in the 'screamer suit' for extraction. They also got to look through the night vision goggles. The canyon we train in is pitch black at night so good practice.
In the middle of the training we got a real call so we just brought them with us. The next day at school our kids got to watch a whole powerpoint of the evening in front of their class. The report back from the kids was they had a great time and were surprised by how curt and systematic we operated. I guess you do sort of tak eon a different persona at work


Lee said...

Byron, I recall, mentioned that you were very different at work then not.

I wonder to what degree people are different. I am told that I come off as quite intimidating... Go figure...

Tina said...

Eh - I'm the same all the time.

But I'd never heard my dad swear until I worked for him at his production plant in Monterey Park.

I hear that's common for men tho ;P