Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knott's Scary Farm

I think this was October of 1987. I can identify Bob, Dave's date, Dave Tersigni, Bernie Judd, Tim, Caroline, Vince Moore, (Eric??) Lori Filippini, Steve Tersigni, Shoo, Tina, and Lee's right side. I think he got cut off. I think Caroline had just returned from a deployment with the USS Virginia, judging by her hat.


Tina said...

too funny.

Carolyn is wearing a hat she got from her boyfriend, Cory, who was in the Navy (they only dated 2 weeks anyway before he went to serve - and then it didn't last anyway).

On the other side of Vince is my friend from CSUF, Vonnie.

Robert G. was our best man, but Eric was in the wedding party. Actually, so was Vonnie :)

Lee is remembering this was in the Bird Cage Theater.

I have seen this photo before, btw. I wonder if whoever was taking pix took multiples? Or if it's a reprint of one I have somewhere in my basement that is hopefully not water-damaged (I have a box down there I'm afraid to look through).

Whee! Thanks for posting this!

keeka said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!
That is a total flashback photo!!
And yes the hat was from an old boyfriend...ewwww.
Very odd that I wore that, but if you look really close I think I even had a patch from the navy on my jean jacket!
He did send me some nice things from different parts of the world tho!

flyingvan said...

There's more in this set...A good one of Lee and Tina, a really good one of Carolyn and Tina, and some group shots. I think Xena took these. It would explain why I have them and I'm in them, and why Xena is not.
Carolyn---sorry for misspelling your name. I changed it twice and ended up guessing. I coulda looked at your post but it's slow dial up here at home. The picture took 20 minutes to load and I had to do stuff

Tina said...

I was probably off getting a funnel cake or something in the second photo. Looks like you're all in line for something...