Saturday, December 1, 2007

Global warming

I don't believe in global warming. Well, I do believe it's warming, but it has been since the last ice age. I remember the democrats ranting during the Carter administration about global cooling and the coming ice age. They stated with certainty that by the year 2000 wheat couldn't be grown north of Louisiana, the evil corporations had would use up the last of the oil so we couldn't warm ourselves, and the shipping lanes would be choked with ice. Everyone that could would move to the equator and die from malaria.
I think people don't live long enough to understand weather cycles. I also think there's something in the human psyche that predicts a doomsday---the second coming of Christ, nuclear holocaust, the superflu, global warming.
Here's what I believe. The world will still be here, with healthy people on it, thousands of years from now. Furthermore, I believe as communications improve, we head towards a global utopia. Small societies will collapse and there will be wars, but the general direction will be towards improvement. I believe studying history proves this out.


Lee said...

Okay, your going against the media now.

Everything is a crisis, you have to feel guilty about doing well for you and yours. You have to spread dread and doom all over. You must believe that things are getting worse and worse... etc.

What are you thinking man!!!

All kidding aside, I think your right. 1000 years from now someone will be chatting about doomsday.

Tina said...

I honestly truely had an ecology professor in 1981 telling our 200+ class of community college students that we would run out of food by 2000.

And that we'd better get used to eating bugs, because that would be our only source of protein.

I had a hard time listening to him after that. No wonder I got a C in the class. :P