Monday, December 17, 2007

Disney jurisprudence

I can understand re-writing 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' with a happy ending for the animated feature. It's an OK story in itself. Also 'Anastasia' (I know, not Disney) in the kid's version, she isn't mowed down with her entire family by the Bolsheviks. Not accurate to history, sure, but the kids can follow the fictional version.
Now for Snow White. Going just by the plot in the Disney movie, there is a serious flaw. Unless you don't care about exposing your kids to movies where rules just don't matter, better skip this one.
The queen/witch makes a spell potion and saturates an apple with it. The book of spells is very clear that 'The Sleeping Death' spell can only be broken by LOVE'S FIRST KISS.
After S.W. has a bit of a dancing fling with the seven dwarves, she calms them down with a love story. She states a young girl fell in love with a handsome prince.
Statement from one Mr. Sneezy---"Was the girl....You?"
S.W. admitted---"Uh-huh" and nodded yes.
Question from Mr. Sleepy---"Did ya (sic) steal a kiss?"
(S.W. sang her response) "He was so romantic...I could not resist"
What can we gather from this?
1) S.W. had already fallen in love with Prince C.
2) S.W. had already kissed Prince C.

S.W. of her own free will bit into the apple offered by the queen/witch, even after specific instructions from the homeowners not to let anyone in. She did in fact fall to the 'Sleeping Death'. When Prince C. sought her out and kissed her FOR THE SECOND TIME, the spell was broken. Technically the Prince should be tried for necrophilia and the dwarves charged with witch slaughter after running her off a cliff with no due process whatsoever.


Tina said...

You know, I can forgive SW. I think the first "kiss" was just a peck anyway, and shouldn't be counted against her.

MY issue is with Tinkerbell. She is an admitted attempted murderer! She purposefully incited the Lost Boys to attack and try to kill Wendy. And what happens? She gets banished for a week.

And yet all these little girls are running around with their "Attempted Murderess" sweats & pants & stuff. Ew!!!

Lee said...

Okay the dialog in question was a 'story' told by SW about herself. She gave it a happy twist and was not stating a factual dialog of given events.

It was 'wishful thinking' on SW part.

flyingvan said...

Well, I guess I can relate to giving the story a happy twist. I often give stories a Dopey twist. Before her coffee, Annamarie will give things a Grumpy twist.

maryb said...

Just b/c SW kissed the prince, doesn't mean he kissed her back. So it could'a been HIS first kiss.

Or maybe SW is a slut. Not that there's anything wrong with that.