Sunday, December 2, 2007

Scariest call ever

I was giving the standard copter dog-and-pony show the other day to a local Fire Department...One of the guys asked what the scariest call ever was. He thought it would be a hoist rescue like we had been talking about...Actually it was this HazMat call. The liquid oxygen truck was leaking LOX all over interstate 5 near the Sea World exit on a hot day.
LOX will saturate asphalt and make it extremely shock sensitive. I had to thaw out the ground with the firehose while walking towards the truck with LOX spilling out....I think it's minus 76 degrees. The valve was one big ice ball, as were the steps leading up to the 'doghouse'. After a steady hose stream they thawed enough to be shut off...

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Lee said...

with LOX like that all you need is Bagles. (bu-dump bump)

I'll have to link you now that your bloggin.