Friday, December 14, 2007

Bad greenhouse gas

Why is it everyone's most concerned with co2 when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions? Scientists agree there is a gas that has much, much more influence on global temperatures, and corporations spew tons of it. So do SUV's.
Dihydrogen monoxide.
Dihydrogen monoxide is responsible for many deaths every year. It is fatal if inhaled. It is so persistent that if your mother ingested any while pregnant with you, it could be found in your bloodstream for the rest of your life.
Why isn't it mentioned more often? Simple. Corporations have become so dependent on DM because it's readily available, relatively cheap, and underregulated.
Just how nasty is this stuff? Consider on the acid/base scale, which is rated from 0-14, sulfuric acid is only a 2. Dihydrogen Monoxide is a solid 7. They use it to produce styrofoam, plastics, concrete, car batteries, and in northern latitudes, in its solid form, indigenous home building. If you tumble dry synthetic clothing in your dryer it can be detected in the dryer vent.
This is a typical example of an issue so big people prefer to keep their heads in the sand about it. If we really want to keep our children safe, and save the planet for future generations, DM should be banned. Science has a responsibility to come up with a suitable alternative.


Tina said...

Diana brought this information in to her Government teacher - he got worried.

Her science teacher, not so much. :)

shoo said...

You forgot a couple other important effects. Contact with the solid form can cause severe skin damage, and it's a major component of acid rain.

Lee said...

It can co-exist as solid, liquid and gas simultaniously. You really cannot get away from it short of going into space.

Lee said...

I must have channeled Steve when I spelled simultaneous

The Old Man & His Dog said...

Nice blog. I'll check it out on a regular basis.