Wednesday, November 25, 2009

God Bless the Atheists

To My Atheist Friends.
What makes us different is, quite simply, Faith. Faith implies that which can't be proven; any faith that doesn't contradict itself, history, or physically law is equally valid and unarguable against another faith.
When you attack faith, and take on an aire of intellectual superiority and enlightenment, for those of us WITH faith it's confusing. It's like a man blind from birth arguing against the existence of light, with people who can see just fine.
He's never seen light so has no proof of its existence.
If you have never been in love, would you try to block others from being in love? Do you tell yourself Love is nothing but a chemical drive necessary for the continuance of the species? (how romantic...)
If you've convinced yourself there is no God, why put so much effort into attacking religion? Do you not think the vast majority of religion comes with an attached code of ethics that makes your community better?
Sure, there are religious leaders that have done great evil and harm. The greater potential there is for good, the greater the potential for evil...If you truly understood the role clergy and religious leaders play in our faith, you'd also understand what a serious sin the misuse of such positions is...Instead of finding it titillating, you'd mourn with us. You wouldn't laugh and make jokes if you'd heard our parents were killed, would you?
Religion shouldn't be forced on you. I doubt the street corner evangelist converts as many people as he turns off. Still, the founding father's idea of government not recognizing one religion over another is a long way off from insisting a Nativity scene not be on public property. When you force removal of such things, though, it does tend to make people stronger in their faith. Funny how that works.
We have something you lack. Faith takes work. It isn't any sort of intellectual shortcut or cop-out, nor is it a drug or a crutch. It doesn't provide all the answers, just more questions. There's a unique bond between like minded individuals when we meet for fellowship. Why do you seek to destroy that?
I can understand why someone would be an atheist. I just don't understand why they'd put any effort into pushing an atheistic agenda. Evangelical Atheism?


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Nicely said. :)

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Your knowledge and faith has always been a source of inspiration for me.