Thursday, November 12, 2009

The War For Dependence

I'm out of touch. In a facebook conversation, I was defending capitalism. Seems it's blamed for unhappiness and loneliness, and our nation's obsession with greed.
Tried to make the point that from what I've learned about human nature, capitalism is a great way to reward hard work, risk taking, and persistence. I was astounded how quickly the questions started coming---"What is hard work and risk taking? Why do you put a value on those things? What about love, understanding, and helping others? Don't you want everybody to be insured?"
Ironically, it was Veteran's day but I decided not to be patronising...I tried to explain that everything---new medicines, solar panels, turkey basters---all come from entrepreneurial roots. The government can't produce anything, just redistribute it.
I'm now told that people only work because they have some personal need to do so. I was sadly mistaken---America is a 'free' country because the government gives us free stuff, as long as we vote for democrats. It's as if the wild rats are trying to put themselves in cages--sure, they can't roam and find life's adventure, but as long as they are sheltered and fed, who cares?
I love the opportunity to work hard. I think work elevates dignity. I like to build and say, "I built that!" I like to work overtime and realize I can take my family for vacation. I like to earn some extra and donate it to what I see is a worthy cause. I like to volunteer my time---be it the Lake Board, Hospice, Blood Bank, whatever.
I hate that our government takes so much money away from me and spends it on things I don't support. School breakfast and lunch programs that feed our kids crap. After school programs that make it so parents don't have to raise their kids. Environmental laws that do nothing to protect the environment. I could go on.
This is not the freedom our veterans fought for. Madison was right---As soon as people figure out they can vote themselves money, a democracy fails. Man, they tried to block the tyranny of the majority through the constitution.
The vast majority of Americans treasure their freedom and sense this 'healthcare reform' is the biggest threat to it in our lifetime. I sure hope the 'representatives' do what's right.

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