Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Effect winner



Green Classroom Party Kits
Submitted by: triciaoe
Julian Elementary School
Julian Elementary, Julian, CA
Greeneffect WinnerThe average elementary classroom has 25 holiday and birthday parties per year—usually accompanied with disposable plates, cups, and plastic forks/ spoons purchased by the parent or teacher. Think of all that waste…and then multiply that by 14-21 classrooms per school. And multiply that by the number of schools across the county, state, and country….

We can’t cancel all celebrations (that would be just wrong!) – so how can we find a way to party without getting literally trashed?

Twenty thousand dollars would create a $200 Green Classroom Party Kit (washable white plates, clear cups, and silverware, in a rolling storage container) for each classroom at our school. After use, children learn to scrape plates, pack them in the rolling cooler, take it to a staff room or cafeteria, wash, and then re-set for the next party or food activity. The kit would be housed in the classroom, for use year after year.

Because we believe this idea is unique, easily replicable and could catch on with some publicity, we would also create 80 more prototype kits to put in 80 more public elementary schools spread throughout San Diego county (1/5 of public elementary schools). Student leaders would work with parents to create, distribute, and educate about the positive environmental impact and financial savings of these “green classroom party kits.”

School culture is beginning to change with recycling and reducing---but what about re-using? This is an easy way to start----that’s something to celebrate!


Lee said...

Twenty Thousand Dollars?

flyingvan said...

20 for Julian, 80 for other schools in San Diego County. The grant was for $20,000 so she made it fit. Now, if we could only do something about the insane amount of refined sugar served at each birthday party. Typically, colored sugar water, TWO cupcakes decorated with candy, and a bag of 'goodies', full sized candy bars consumed on the spot. I would love to spend a school year documenting all the food given to school kids and have a nutritionist look at the results.

Tina said...

Could you imagine if kids actually ate fresh harvest foods at their "harvest parties" (we can't call them Halloween parties anymore here at most of our schools).

Apples, nuts, squash - lol - no one would eat a thing! Unless we cover it all in caramel, of course.

Lucky for us, Connor eats the harvest out of our yard all Summer & into Fall :)

Tina said...

I will keep an eye out on the Natl Geographic. Their website is still showing only November, but I'll bet after the December issue is out, they will post stuff online a week later or something :)

Grats to Patrick on his 'famous' face. He can join Diana now in celebrity :)

keeka said...

Hey, my class in preschool for Harvest has turkey rolls, pumpkin muffins, baby carrots and 100% juice boxes! Not super great, but better than some!
I try hard to make it come out even!
I was also happy to note that the grandma that made up the little treats for the kids gave them little playdough containers instead of candy! Yay, Grandma!

flyingvan said...

I've been told it's the first picture here, on page 7 of November issue.

princess slea said...

excellent, LOVE it!
i agree, while recycling is great, re USING is even better.