Sunday, November 8, 2009

Charlie's Back!

This is Charlie. Charlie shows up every year about this time. I'm not exactly sure where he comes from; I just come home from work and there he is on the porch. He never comes inside (not when I'm home at least) and he's pretty quiet. I guess he lost his job as the chef he was dressed as last year, and opted for a more laid back lifestyle. In any event, welcome back, Charlie.


Tina said...

Yep - pretty laid back this year. Hee!

keeka said...

Man the hippy dippy look is really in this year! I see teenagers wearing almost exactly what Charlie is wearing! Except for maybe the gloves. : )

prestoffcenter said...

Hey- he's looking much better than when I saw him last. Wherever he goes between visits seems to take away a few years off his looks.

Maybe we need to tag/track him and find out where his spa is. I could use a little bit o' that!