Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family Time

We reached that milestone that I'm sure every family across America goes through...You know, where Dad spent all day teaching obstetrical emergencies for the Fire Department, then brings the rubber pelvis home and decides it's high time the kids learned somethin' about birthin' babies. They were pretty unsure about the whole thing.

We had an OB kit to use, but we talked about what you could improvise if need be--shoelaces to tie off the umbilical cord, and so on. The manikin is pretty complete. It's very hard to get the baby through and it requires a lot of help. We even practiced a nuchal cord delivery.

No one was mentally prepared for the placenta delivery, but Patrick quickly discovered rubber placentas make good frisbees. Who knew?

Everyone wanted a turn holding the newborn. They already had good swaddling skills. I'm pretty sure what they really learned tonight was, if a very pregnant woman calls for help, run away. Oh well, I tried.


Tina said...

Wouldn't it be a 'womanikin?'

It looks more interesting than CPR.

Lee said...

Did anyone ask "How did she get a baby up there in the first place?"

flyingvan said...

I was ready for that one... Patrick's the only one that would have needed to ask. I was going to play the Harry Belafonte song for him that explains it all

keeka said...

Oh my. Well, I think I will stick with your idea on "Birth"-day parties! Heheheh. Kaleigh asked when she was about 7 how she was born, I started to explain (short version) but she got way grossed out and said, "ok, that's enough!"
So, we have stayed away from that issue for a while longer. I am sure she will get to that point eventually but Cole is clueless and would like to remain so.

Oh and we bought the chips with Patrick on it! yay! Don't really care for the cheddar ones but I had to get the bag!

keeka said...

Ok, so if we come down again, can you explain the birthing process to my kids? It would make it more medical and not so icky!

flyingvan said...

Sure....Do you want me to borrow back the 'womanikin', or improvise with food? We'll follow up with an obstetrical trivia challenge for the kiddies, turn it into a competition. Breeder's cup, maybe? Also---you're the first to report seeing Patrick on a bag of chips! I'll keep looking

keeka said...

Yay! what do I win?

Oh. The chips, right!

Heehee :D