Monday, January 3, 2011

Go Ahead And Stair

 It really is going to be a small house.
 Safety required shoveling out the 1" thick ice sheet prior to any building
 Finished the stairs just before the sleet came back in
   Upstairs floor joists in.  To the right you can see the little cantilevered part that will be over the dining room and be a view spot.  You can also see the stairs.
   I think ANY progress this time of year is good.  Work's been busy, and on rare days off, the weather's been nasty.  Christmas eve I slipped---one foot went to the right of the beam the other to the left, and down I went.  Ouch.  Just bruises...It's really taking shape, and as soon as the roof's on I can work regardless of the weather.

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Joe said...

Nice. Its looking good so far.