Sunday, January 23, 2011

The First New Construction Project

   It's kind of an odd feeling to go through construction pics of the first new construction project.  Our dog has died.  The kids are much bigger.  The forest is thinner thanks to the Cedar fire, but recovering well.  My hair is thinner, and doesn't show any signs of recovering whatsoever.
   This first project was, in some ways, more difficult.  The home sits on bedrock.  You can see it to the lower left.  It's further from home.   Mostly, it was a first attempt.
                              These curved rafters were a trick....Well worth the effort, though.

                             The kids give the new tub a try.
                                     The Back Side
           This picture orients you to where the Cuyamaca properties are.  Our home, the current project, and the first project.  What's next?  I have my eye on the property immediately uphill from the current effort.  It's got a great view, and owning it would mean you could walk between properties without trespassing.  (The beach house couldn't fit in this frame.  It's just 45 miles to the South West)

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