Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Phase 1 Television Addict

Brains like television.  I think, overall, we'd be a happier society without it.

       Somebody told me about a show called 'Glee'.  I can only hope, by the way it was described, they were making it up.  Actually I fall somewhere between 'O' and '1'.


jim said...

I've always liked TV. I haven't watched much since the shut down analog, but this last couple weeks I,ve been watching movies from my small collection. It's pretty relaxing, which is good to a point. I sleep better, anyway. My main defense of TV is generally that it keeps people who don't have anything better to do out of the way

flyingvan said...

It's like candy. You need to maintain a blood sugar level to survive, and candy is a quick way to get it. A little is fine, even good for you, but if your sustenance comes from it, you'll have health issues. TV is candy for the brain. Brains love input. If you watch specific shows with genuine interest, where you can discuss what you're seeing while watching, that's good. If it's keeping you from going outside or doing a puzzle or playing a game, it's not so good.

Lee said...

TV at its best Entertains and Provides social interactions.

At the worst it is a time sync where one it really not needed.

You struck the agreement cord with the genuine interest.

Tina said...

That's what's so nice about the DVR. We auto-record the things we like, and don't watch anything else. If the show gets dumb, we cancel it.

Seriously, with my job, I really need the laughing from a good sit-com here & there. If it's not funny or letting me figure something out, I'm not watching it. Lee & I have the shows we watch together so we can discuss them, and we have a few we watch as a family with the kids. There are only a few I watch on my own, same with Lee. Trevor doesn't really watch any series other than what he sees with us.