Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Totally Beaming; Another Story

After encountering a few non-weather related delays, the second floor sub-flooring is in.  First it was the gremlin issue wreaking havoc on my tools one by one.  Yesterday the interruption was more welcomed-- an old friend stopped by to check progress.  Anyway, the first sheet of sub flooring is used to square up the entire house.  If you think of the upstairs as a square, even if all the sides of the square are the correct length, the corners aren't necessarily right angles.  So, you nail down one edge, force the corners of the house where they should be, then glue and nail the rest of the sheet down.  Also had to create some bridging in the floor joists anywhere there's an interior wall above.  Now there's an actual 'upstairs'.
The beam....6"x10" by 24'.  It will hold up the porch roof and also form the header for the bay window.  It had to go up, over, around, then on top of---probably a couple of other prepositions I've forgotten.  It's tied with the second biggest beam in the house (not counting the foundation beams which only had to be moved, not lifted)  You can see its sister jutting out there---it will go perpendicular, lapped at the cantilevered corner to the right of the last picture.  (The biggest beam is also the highest up single piece of lumber---the ridge pole.  6"x12"x24'.  It will rest on three wood columns, two of which are up already)
Oh---and that big beam that seems to be levitating against the rim joist there---that will support the bedroom window 'kick-out', where the floor actually pushes out by 6" to add dimension.  It will later be supported by the porch ceiling joists underneath, but it had to go in now for the subfloor.  The whole this before that problem...

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