Monday, December 6, 2010

Movin' On Up

 More evidence of global warming.  The rain fell on the plastic cover, and then froze solid.  Instead of waiting for it to dry it could just be broken and thrown off the side.
   The first story is all framed up now.  You can see the bay window to the left.  The first of 6 posts that will hold up the wrap-around porch roof is in.  The crossbeam is sandwiched between the two floors so it had to go in now, and the post needed to hold up the other end.
  In the early design stages I brought a stepladder over to figure out what design made best use of the view.  I want the bay to be a great place to just sit.
  Near as I can tell, there isn't anyone following this blog to pick up pointers on building their own place so I've kept lessons learned to a minimum.  I will say, angles are difficult.  Also no matter how carefully you try to order materials so it's delivered in an order that you can get to the boards you need and the order you need them, you're going to have to devote time to just moving material.  I had 6 days in a row off work; the first 5 were good weather.  4 days framing and the bay and last three lower walls were done.  I wanted to start putting in the upstairs floor joists but they are attached to 2" thick rim joists which were at the bottom of the wood pile.  Day 5 was spent moving wood up to the wood rack to pre-stage it for the next step.  Day 6 was a family day down the hill celebrating Mckenna's 17th birthday (though I was able to finish getting the lumber up just as it started to rain
It doesn't really look like much lumber in this picture but it's about 8 truckloads

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Joe said...

Nice view Steve. I was just up there again on Thanksgiving and FROZE!!! but nailed the trout. Too cold to take pictures :)