Friday, January 1, 2010

More fun at the George's

The Georges hosted us for our last family outing of the year. We arrived before lunch, and Rob gave Patrick some pointers for cooking meat with fire. Celeste is as gracious a host as you'll ever find. Hayley played video games with Patrick. We all played 'bananagrams', which Rob consistently won after learning the rules. After an excellent and nutritious lunch, some of us returned to the bloody parrot for some sort of 'dungeons and dragons' type game. It was new for my kids....Kept us occupied while Celeste and AnnaMarie got caught up. The other cheap thrill was playing with the wall mirror. Good for some giggles


Tina said...

Bananagrams was in my kit for camping with the Girl Scouts, along with Uno & a few other games. It's a fun game, huh?

It's nice to see you guys getting together :) Thanks for sharing!

flyingvan said...

Oh and another thing. To help offset the cost of the fuel to drive to Lake Forest, we stole Rob's digital camera. Now he has an excuse not to blog for awhile.

- Rob said...

Our secret agent planted in the Vandewalle family returned the camera. It arrived today.

The visit was a lot of fun. The big wall mirror in our den is always a great place to play around with images!

It was great to have the V-family make the LONG drive to come visit. Our turn to head south next time!