Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Job!!

It's been a bit stressful here at SDFD of late. We're already 22 fire stations short in San Diego to meet NFPA standards, and now they're cutting back more. In the 23 years I've worked in Emergency Services in San Diego, there has always been overtime available.
Now they are putting a stop to overtime.
It's kid of foolish, really---they can cover three budgeted positions with two people. It costs a little in overtime, but saves a lot in eliminating a postion you'd have to pay more retirement/benefits/insurance for. All they see, though, is how much a fireman made---not how much time he was at work or the money he brings in from other agencies doing single resource work.
We never set up our finances to be dependent on the OT, but it would really affect our short and long term plans if the OT completely dried up. (It really won't completely dry up...I still teach downtown, and attend monthly Airops meetings, HazMat drills, Paramedic CE, Etc)
Still, AnnaMarie and I talked about it, prayed about it, developed fall back plans, decided to wait and see how things go.
Today I got a call from Washington D.C.....This position wouldn't really affect my current job, would mean more paid travel, and be a way to serve outside the small San Diego pond. There are still some hoops to jump through


Lee said...

I hope it works out for you. Heaven knows I have been praying for a better work situation here.

keeka said...

We are always so excited when Carl gets a little overtime! Woot!

Not much to get excited about unfortunately.

Good for you!

flyingvan said...

This came about by following my passion for more efficient and better response....Rush often says to follow your passions and the money will follow. I've always found that to be true

shoo said...

Very cool...can't wait until you can tell us more about it.