Monday, January 4, 2010

Project update Jan 2010

Finally got a day off work, done being sick, caught up at home, Christmas now the domain of Dicken's first ghost. Before I start hand digging the foundation, there's a site inspection to get past. All the disturbed soil had to get covered with straw, for one thing.

The heavy rains caused a large section of the dug-out upper wall washed out before I could get stone work done, so I had to re-dig that all out. The dirt all got wheelbarrowed down to some low spots that needed filling prior to putting the straw down.

The straw bales started the day as something to be king of; later they were rearranged into a fort. They lost interest by the time I needed to cut them open and start scattering.

Ran out of straw, daylight, energy, and bare dirt all at the same time.


Tina said...

Good planning on running out of everything at the same time. :)

Our last experience with straw involved using it to block weeds from growing before we could mow. The neighbor above us on the slope had an above-ground pool. It broke late one night and washed all the straw into our carport & front yard. At least it kept the water from going into our daylight basement.

Why did you have to cover all the bare dirt? Also for weed control?

flyingvan said...

It's to keep disturbed topsoil from washing into stormdrains. It's a problem when you're building 1,000 units at the same time, but they make blanket rules everyone has to follow. This tiny house will be fireproof, earthquake proof, nuclear blast proof...