Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feast of the Epiphany 2010

A family tradition we, and some of my siblings, uphold is celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany. For us, it marks the end of the Christmas season. (It represents the 12th day of Christmas)

AnnaMarie starts cooking a few days before. The reason she looks extra happy here is, she's in her favorite spot. Nothing to do with the half full Corona on the counter.

Dinner, as usual, was excellent. We've found that if you're inviting lots of people that don't know each other, pack them in close and new friends are made.

The whole point, though, is the Epiphany. We have a set of short readings that explains the significance of the event. THe readings are stuffed into numbered balloons. If you are of reading age, you pop your balloon in turn, find your reading, and read it to everybody.
The Magi were probably Zoroastrians from the East. Wise men from the oldest known monotheistic faith reading the stars to recognize the significance of Christ's birth and the dawn of a new religion. Kind of fitting, then, that we invite families of different faiths to attend. Couldn't find any Zoroastrians though.

With the serious business over, it's time for the white elephant gift exchange/stealing. My favorite gift was Lauren's 'Whack-A-Mole'. A Catholic Priest is visiting our parish, his first trip out of the Philippines. He seemed to have a very good time and fully understood gift-stealing. I wonder if he thinks this is a tradition all over America?

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keeka said...

Whah? It isn't? Hehe. Sounds like a great tradition! I like to go to after Christmas sales around here and go to some of the drug stores and get the lamest singing animal/creatures and then I hold onto it until my teacher white elephant gift exchange! It usually is something everyone wants! That is to give as a gag gift to a relative! Thanks for the info on my blog!