Thursday, August 13, 2009



"That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest". How true. I got three days off in a row....Everyone who cares knows I got the septic approval so I can build (it's the retirement plan to own some rental properties, and the only way to afford that is as owner/builder)
We went to the annual Fore Department picnic. Great fun. I sat in a chair and chatted up anyone that walked by. The girls got their faces painted and checked out the similar aged boys. How funny that they talk about it before and after but won't go near them during...Not that I mind, of course.
Garage. If you ever want to feel wealthy, and you guage your wealth by stuff you own, just clean your garage. You'll be stunned by all the stuff you have. No amount of stuff feels as good as a clean garage, though.
The most enriching thing of all---date night!! AnnaMarie dressed to match her new car and we went to Ocean Beach for dinner (We broke our rule of never eating at the beach front restaurants. The food's never very good; it doesn't have to be. Expensive, and about as dynamic as Lean Cuisine) We decided to stroll around Seaport Village. We shared a coffee drink and made fun of the other tourists.
Healthy and happy family, well enmeshed in faith. A wife that looks better with every passing year and still seems to want me around. A big project to work on. A clean garage. A job I like going to. Autumn coming.
How do you measure wealth?

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